COMING SOON: Moses Guest Live

Recently, Moses Guest has largely been committed to working in the studio, but for their new release Moses Guest Live, they have gone back and collected a precious handful of their most emotional and searing live performances from their storied past.

The first four tracks – Jam, Glue, Dead Again, and Invictus – are acoustic and were recorded live at Houston’s Rhythm Room in 2003. These tunes show a lot of musical finesse and a tender side the band did not often showcase.

The next three tracks are searing electric tunes, full of jam and instrumental improv. Juke / Right Down was recorded at John’s Alley in Moscow, ID, in 2007. Jumbo Jabo / 100,000x was recorded at Rudz in Houston, TX, in 2001. And Jam / Broadway was recorded at Rudz in 2000.

All Night Brother was recorded Stormy Cooper Media Studio in Houston in 2019 – and it is as smooth as it gets.

But the heart of the Moses Guest sound remains the same whichever album you listen to: it’s southern, it’s classic, it rocks, and it jams.

Moses Guest Live will be released Tuesday, August 4th. In the meantime, you can listen to the first five minutes of “Jumbo Jabo/100,000x” right here:


  1. Congratulations! Thanks for the update. Will enjoy. Will tell Darren.

  2. Yay!! I have been something like this for years. Thank y’all so much. Looking forward to hearing and jamming out Moses Guest again

  3. Snagged a copy from Jeremy! This rocks and I really dig it! Love that y’all put a live together! Hope to see everyone soon, and a venue near us! Da bass player’s Mom, of course! 💙♥️🎤🤘🎹🎼🎸

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